About Zero Baccarat

Players who are interested in baccarat with a lower house edge would do well to consider the option of playing zero baccarat. Whereas traditional baccarat has a slight edge for the house, the zero edge version adjusts the commissions and edges to help benefit the player where they need it the most.

The Zero Difference

Zero baccarat reduces the house edge over the player. They do this by reducing the available commission on a banker bet from 5% to 2.75%. This lowers the house edge on the banker bet from 1.06% to around .03%, which is a great advantage for the player. This makes the game a lot more even than traditional baccarat, since it is almost always beneficial for the smart baccarat player. Over the long run of playing, players will consistently see higher and more frequent payouts on the banker bet.

Playing Zero Baccarat

Typically, baccarat has a house advantage of 1.24% on player bets, 1.06% on banker bets, and 14.36% on tie bets. This usually makes it smart for players to consistently make banker bets in order to make the most money. In zero baccarat this is even truer. With a .03% edge, the house barely has any advantage over the player when it comes to the banker bet. Smart players who bet on the banker almost every hand will win consistently more with the zero edge baccarat game than with the traditional version.

Zero edge baccarat does not necessarily make the game any more exciting for players that want more nuance from their casino games. If zero baccarat gets old, players can always play online casino slots or online poker at their favorite online casinos.